Lets Get a Grip on Parking

Campaign Leaders: Ste Greenall, Mike Shellens

Update: 19th March, 2017


The chicanes on Sapley Road have been the source of more complaints to your Lib Dem Focus Team than any other subject. It has been a puzzle to know what to do about them. Recently there has been progress on identifying possible ways forward. The Lamport Drive chicane, has been particularly problematic, with a number of collisions having occurred. After extensive discussions with residents, Engineers have agreed to install a more visible yellow sign, and we hope that this relatively cheap action will produce good results. 

The next challenge is the Desborough Road chicane, which is widely perceived to be dangerous by local drivers. We have thought of some things that we could try, and now we would like you to tell us your preferences. We have produced a paper with options (click HERE):-

You can go to https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/SapleyRoadChicane and give us your views. If you prefer not to use your computer then please send your reply to Mike Shellens, 21 High St, Brampton PE28 4TG by 1 April.


Update: 6th February, 2017 

Within Huntingdon District Council a group has been set up, under the chairmanship of the Overview and Scrutiny (Economy and Growth) to carry out a “Car Parking review”, primarily to look at car parking charges. Liberal Democrats have requested that the remit of the group be expanded so that it also examines the related issue of bad parking across the Huntingdon District. This suggestion has received support from other non LD councilors, but the expansion of “Car Parking review’s” scope still needs to be formally endorsed.   

Matching double yellow lines are scheduled to be painted in American Lane this financial year, which will obviously benefit residents there. However, your Liberal Democrat councilors are concerned that this will simply displace parked cars to Coxons Close and Drivers Ave. There is much more work to be done to identify a solution that meets all residents needs!

 Finally, police are now ticketing in Ingram St. and Euston St. and also Mill Common, which will hopefully start to address some of the parking problems in these area.

23rd December, 2016

Having had a huge “electronic mailbag” over the summer, Ste Greenall and Mike Shellens hosted a meeting for residents concerned about rising incidences of inconsiderate, illegal and in some cases DANGEROUS car parking across Huntingdon. They immediately became a lightning rod for complaints above and beyond their own ward of Huntingdon East.

After a second meeting with residents in November, Ste wrote to the District Council leader, Robin Howe urging the Council to take urgent action and as there was such a groundswell of opinion, to ensure that residents would have the opportunity to convey their grievances directly to officers. 

At the follow up HDC’s Full Council meeting on December 21st, it was agreed that residents should contact directly the portfolio holder for car parking, Cllr. Jim White with their concerns.

We now encourage all residents to seize this opportunity and send their concerns to Cllr. White at Jim.White@huntingdonshiredc.org.uk

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