Your LIBERAL DEMOCRAT candidates for Somersham, Sawtry and Ramsey

We are pleased to introduce our 3 candidates for these wards.


Tony Hulme, our candidate for Somersham, was for many years a District Councillor. In this role, Tony has been instrumental in improving the welfare and safety of senior citizens, in measures affecting road safety and also in measures affecting recycling. Tony subscribes to the “liberal tradition” and to its reputation for listening to people and working for the electorate all year round, not just at election time. Tony would be a great representative for Somersham and bring great experience into the role.

Elke Smith is standing in Sawtry. Elke moved to Sawtry 2016, where she works as a Voice Coach/Singer and Advisor. She is passionate about community matters, especially the silver generation (support and help) and teenagers in the communty (integrated approaches for their development and support). Elke has a private pilot licence and in her spare time she enjoys a flight from Conington Airfield.

Dan Breen, who is our candidate in Ramsey has lived in Ramsey St Mary's for 5 years now with his partner and their 3 dogs and loves it there. He works as a software tester for an Anti-Fraud software provider in Cambridge, and has been a long term matchnight volunteer for the Peterborough Phantoms ice hockey team at both junior and senior levels.

As part of a committed and enthusiastic team your Liberal Democrat candidates will be great councillors for your wards.



Your Liberal Democrat candidates for Gt Paxton, Hemingford Grey & Houghton, Needingworth and Fenstanton

We have candidates standing in each of the wonderful village wards in southern Huntingdonshire


Lesley Werb is our candidate in Gt Paxton. She has lived in the area for 32 years, an ex WRAF officer - short-service commission, a retired teacher, and happily married for 42 years with 5 children and 13 grandchildren. She enjoy family life, walking, birdwatching, reading and volunteering locally as I believe in giving back to the community we live within. This has included in the past being: a parent governor for 4 years at the children’s secondary school, fund raising, tennis coaching locally, and being a weekend Information Warden at the Local Nature Reserve for 5 years. Lesley currently is the Safeguarding Officer for her local Benefice of 4 Churches and supports some local primary schools with Peer Mediation and Restorative Approaches training.

Colin Saunderson is standing in Fenstanton. Colin has been a great servant to the community and was a District Councilor between 2010 and 2011 and has been an ACTIVE parish councilor since the

Louise Reay is our candidate in Holywell-cum-Needingworth. Louise has lived in Earith since 2008 and is a mother to two children, who both attend Earith School. She worked in the IT industry and then customer services before deciding to become a stay-at-home parent while at the same time studying at the Open University. She has just graduated with a BSc Open degree specialising in software development. In her spare time she’s fond of cycling, the countryside and computer/board gaming.

In Hemingford Grey and Houghton we have two superb candidates:-

Sue Clark and her husband have lived in Huntingdonshire for the past ten years. She has three children and seven grandchildren. Sue returned to study as a mature student and qualified as a Social Worker in 1990, working in hospitals and with adults who have physical disabilities before she retired two years ago. She is a volunteer with two local organisations and her hobbies include current affairs, local history, walking and gardening Although taking an interest in politics for many years, Sue joined the Liberal Democrat Party after the 2015 General Election since when she has actively supported the Huntingdonshire Lib Dems.

David Priestman lives in Hemingford Grey with his young family and has run a successful publishing business in Cambridgeshire for 20 years. He has now lived in our ward for 6 years. Before moving to Hemingford Grey, he represented the Huntingdon East Ward as a Councillor on the Huntingdonshire District Council from 2006 to 2010. His political interests include housing, planning, environmental issues, transport, education and business. David has the experience and a reputation for hard work and energy, which will enable him to become an excellent councillor for our ward.

We are very happy with the quality of candidates we are standing in this election who, we know, will do a great job for the residents. Make a positive change for the future.


Your Liberal Democrat Candidates for St Ives!

The Liberal Democrats are standing 4 very strong candidates in St Ives this year, who, we believe, will be outstanding representatives for the people of the town.


In St Ives South we have 2 great, experienced candidates:-

Malcolm Lynn has lived in Huntingdonshire for the last five years, having moved into the area from East Yorkshire, where he was Chairman of the Beverley and Holderness Liberal Democrats and was also a leading member of a successful cross-party campaign to stop the construction of a waste incinerator on the outskirts of Hull. He is currently the Treasurer of the Huntingdonshire Liberal Democrats. In Huntingdonshire, he has actively campaigned for Britain to remain in the EU. He is concerned that Brexit would be a historic mistake that would damage Britain’s standing in the world and the prospects for our future prosperity and especially the prospects for young people.

Nic Wells has lived in Huntingdonshire for 30 years and over that time he has served on town and parish councils. Nic and his wife live in the centre of the wonderful market town of St Ives. He is seeking election to Huntingdonshire District Council as he believes that his experience, commitment and passion would be beneficial to the good governance of our District. He is very concerned about homelessness in the district and also keen to see further improvements in recycling levels and waste management.

Tony Jebson is our candidate for St Ives East. Tony is 57 and has lived in the area for almost 11 years. He is a successful electronics engineer and worked in the US and Finland before moving to Cambridgeshire, where he designs processors for networking equipment and mobile phones. His interests include rugby, Anglo-Saxon history, and astronomy. He has previously served on the local Parish Council and has a strong interest in science and technology policy, which is critical to the Cambridgeshire economy.

Our candidate for St Ives West is Joe Jordan. Joe has been an excellent addition to the Lib Dem team having moved to Huntingdonshire in 2016 working as a software engineer in the area. Joe Jordan has been a Lib Dem for over eleven years, and has stood in Council and Parliamentary elections previously. Joe has been active within the District working with Mike Shellens and the Focus teams in Huntingdonshire on issues like parking and traffic etc. and would make a fantastic councillor for this ward.

Its time to take a positive change for St Ives. Our quartet of candidates will make a really positive difference for the town.


Your LIBERAL DEMOCRAT candidates for St Neots

We have 5 outstanding candidates in this year's local elections in St Neots. These guys already work incredibly hard for you, even when they are not councillors. Imagine the difference they will make if you make them YOUR councillor!! 


In Priory Park we have CAROL McMAHON and JAMES BARTRICK standing as candidates:-

Carol and her family moved to St Neots in 1997 when her husband’s job was relocated to the area. Both their sons went to Longsands Academy. Claire has worked at both Priory Junior and Priory Infant Schools as a Lunchtime Supervisor. She has been a Liberal/Lib Dem all her adult life and joined the Party in June, 2016. Claire is active campaigning on local issues in Little Paxton and St Neots, where she feels that the opinions and wishes of local residents are often ignored by the local council. If elected she will ensure that local residents have their views on local issues taken into account by the District Council.

James is a life-time Lib Dem who has stood for election before in both Priory and Little Paxton wards. James works in London for a US bank and was previously elected as a Councillor in the London Borough of Harrow.

JAMES CATMUR is the Liberal Democrat candidate in Loves Farm. James has lived in Great Gransden since 1997. He has supported the Liberal Democrats ever since he was able to vote and joined the party following the referendum and decided he wanted to try and get elected as a County Councillor when his wife died in November 2016 from Motor Neurone disease. This experience has given James first hand knowledge of what works well or badly within the NHS and the health care system James works in the transport sector with knowledge of both highways and railway. His knowledge and experience will be very important,as the A428 and plans for the Cambridge-Oxford road/rail links move forward and potentially affect us all.

NICK THOMPSON is our candidates in The EatonsNick has lived in St Neots for 10 years working as the lead developer for a software company in the HR & Payroll sector based in Hitchin. He is a strong supporter of civil liberties and joined the Liberal Democrats a year ago after becoming concerned at the approach being taken by successive Labour and Conservative governments. In his spare time I enjoy both the outdoors especially skiing, hiking and camping, as well as a relaxed evening in playing video games or catching up on recent news.

Finally, and very importantly CLAIRE PIPER is your Liberal Democrat candidate in Eynesbury. Claire moved to St Neots in 2012 and works in Huntingdon, in the water industry. She chose to make her home in St Neots for its great transport links and excellent local facilities. Claire joined the Liberal Democrats in 2016 and wants to be a councillor for all residents, and especially, to represent the young families and professionals that have little-to-none representation in our current council.

Nobody works harder for the residents of St Neots than your local Liberal Democrat team.

Make a change for the better. Vote LIBERAL DEMOCRAT on 3rd MAY


Your Liberal Democrat candidates for Buckden, Alconbury and Great Staughton

We have 3 great, and experienced candidates for the wards west of Huntingdon: Buckden, Alconbury and Great Staughton.


Peter Emeleus is our candidate for Buckden. He is Huntingdonshire born and bred, being brought up in Kimbolton and Great Staughton. Peter and Corrine have lived in Buckden for seven years and have two sons at Buckden CofE primary school. His professional qualifications are in the hospitality industry and he currently works in Cambridge. Peter is a Buckden Parish Councillor and is leading the work to expand the allotment provision in the village. He is supporting the work to achieve a Buckden to Grafham cycle track. Peter also helps with the local Scouts and set up the Buckden Community litter-pick.

Jonathan Young is our candidate for Alconbury. Jonathan is really well known. From 2001 to 2014 he was rector of Spaldwick, Easton, Barham, Woolley, Ellington and Grafham, and for part of that time he was also the parish priest of Alconbury cum Weston, Buckworth, Hamerton, Winwick and The Giddings. This has helped him develop a deep understanding of many of the issues and challenges facing residents in these villages. Jonathan served as a town councillor in Godmanchester for a number of years and as a school governor in Godmanchester, Cambridge, Alconbury and Great Gidding. He is an enthusiastic supporter of the communities involvement, such as encouraging the villages to make the widest possible use of their historic community buildings, and supporting a wide variety of community events.

Nick Farnden is our candidate for Great Staughton. Nick has lived with his family in Hail Weston for 17 years and worked in Financial Services for 32 years. He served as Chairman of Hail Weston Parish Council leading projects to open a new cemetery and a £100,000 grant funded improvement to the village Playing Field. Previously, Nick was a Governor of Crosshall Infant School and a Trustee of a large Pension Fund. In 2017 he organised a successful campaign to oppose a large housing development in Hail Weston.

If you want to have councillors that work hard for you all year round, then...


Your Liberal Democrat candidates for Huntingdon and The Stukeleys

We are really pleased to have a quartet of outstanding candidates standing in wards in Huntingdon and The Stukeleys!


In Huntingdon East we are fielding 2 candidates who have been active supporting our current councillors in the town for quite a while.

Trish Shrapnel is a true servant for the community and enjoys volunteering at the Huntingdon Volunteer Centre shop and is interested in Huntingdon history. Trish says: “I believe that we should work together to achieve solutions to the issues Huntingdon faces, ie car parks, on street parking, the dereliction of St Benedict’s court, housing, fly tipping etc. This is our town!”

Mike Humphrey is currently semi-retired, having spent his working life in marketing and PR. As chairman of Hartford Conservation Group, he is keen to protect our area against unsuitable development. This includes the on-going threat of a major road link across our beautiful Ouse Valley.

In Huntingdon North our candidate is Lakkana Yalagala. Lakkana has lived in Huntingdon for over seven years now. As a graduate telecommunications engineer, he worked in a number of countries before settling in Huntingdonshire. Lakkana joined the Liberal Democrats because of the party’s values and its reputation for listening to people and working for the electorate all year round, not just at election time. With a reputation for hard work and energy, he will make an excellent councillor for Huntingdon North.

For The StukeleysEthan Stone will be a great councillor, if elected. Ethan joined the Liberal Democrats in early 2017 as one of the many people who have flocked to the party over the last 2 years. Since joining the party, Ethan has been an active member of the party supporting his local town and District councillors in Huntingdon. Ethan wants to represent the many voters who want a fairer society and a strong fairer economy. If you vote him in as a Liberal Democrat councillor he will work hard to serve all the residents in The Stukeleys

To be sure that you will have councillors who will work hard for you all year round.


Your Liberal Democrat candidates for Brampton and Hinchingbrooke Park

We are very happy that we have two very experienced councillors, Patricia Jordan and John Morris, standing for the Brampton ward, which now, importantly, includes Hinchingbrooke Park! 


Patricia was first elected in 2007. She has lived in Huntingdon and then Brampton for over 30 years and has been actively involved in many aspects of village life. Prior to her recent retirement she was a family support worker for children’s continuing care based at Hinchingbrooke Hospital. At the District Council Patricia serves on the Health Scrutiny panel and is highly respected for her knowledgeable and throrough approach to her work. Patricia says: ‘As a councillor I have been able to help many individuals in the village get the services and support they badly need. Looking after people matters more to me than political labels.

John was first elected in 2013. He has lived in Brampton since 1992. He worked mainly in the housing sector and is a driver for HACT, the community transport scheme. John is passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles and active travel, such as cycling and walking, which can help reduce traffic congestion and harmful emissions. John says: "If we promote active travel this can have massive benefits in terms of less traffic congestion, less harmful car emissions, plus significant financial and health benefits".

A copy of the leaflet distributed to Hinchingbrooke Park residents is attached HERE.

Patricia and John will be great councillors for Brampton and Hinchingbrooke Park. They have a track record of working really hard, all year round, for their community.

Vote for Patricia and John as your Liberal Democrat candidates on 3rd May.  

Your Liberal Democrat candidates standing up for Godmanchester and Hemingford Abbots


We have three wonderful candidates for the Godmanchester and Hemingford Abbots ward, which also, importantly, includes Offord Darcy and Offord Cluny too! Sarah Conboy and David Underwood will be familiar to many as they have been District Councillors in the area for a number of years. Mike Grice is a new candidate in this elections but he brings with him a wealth of experience!

For those of you who do not know them already:-

Sarah has represented Godmanchester as a Lib Dem District Councillor since 2014. She has also served as non-political Godmanchester Town Councillor since 2012, and latterly as Mayor. She is a former senior servant with a teaching background. She is the CEO of a local charity which support families of children with additional needs and disabilities. She lives on Godmanchester with her husband and two sons.David grew up in Godmanchester where his family farmed for several generations.

David has represented Godmanchester on the District Council for the past two years, sitting on Economy and Growth Overview and Scrutiny Panel and Hinchingbrooke Park Management Committee He is currently Town Councillor and former Mayor of Godmanchester for three years. He developed and administers the well-used Godmanchester Living Facebook Group. David is the Chair of Disability Huntingdonshire, a charity covering the entire district, supporting those with disabilities particularly over benefit issues. He trained as a Dementia Friends Champion, and is part of the team working to make Godmanchester a Dementia Friendly Community

Mike has lived in Godmanchester for over 16 years. A former policeman in Essex he ran his own successful financial services company for over 20 years Mike is the Chair of local WEA group. He hosts a popular show on local radio and is well known for organising the Godmanchester Town Show and involvement in many local groups

Sarah, David and Mike have been very busy out campaigning and even have their own FaceBook page which you can find HERE. They will be great councillors for this ward so make sure you vote Liberal Democrat on 3rd May.

Huntingdonshire Lib Dem Manifesto Local Elections - 2018

page3image1768896 Huntingdonshire Liberal Democrat's manifesto is published HERE.

The manifesto provides a summary of:- 

What We Stand For

  • Liberal Democrats work to build a fair, free and open society, balancing the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity
  • Liberal Democrats care for all in our community
  • Your Liberal Democrat councillors work hard for residents ALL year round
  • The Liberal Democrats have provided EFFECTIVE opposition to the Conservatives in Huntingdonshire and we will improve how Huntingdonshire is run if we increase the number of Liberal Democrat councillors!

Who we are

We have a great Liberal Democrat team in Huntingdonshire, with County and District Councillors who work with over 300 members and many more supporters to connect with our community, understand issues and pursue policies that meet the needs of residents 

Our Priorities
As far as the District Council is concerned these are our top 5 priorities for this election:
  • Ensure new development benefits the local area
  • Make our streets safer
  • Encourage healthy living
  • Create a better environment for all
  • Make local government more cost-effective


Vote for the team that works for YOU!


Huntingdonshire District Council Elections - more Lib Dem candidates than ever before!

Liberal Democrats will be fielding the biggest number of candidates we’ve ever had for this year’s District and parish elections. And what’s more, we believe that we have a real chance of taking seats in all areas.   


Residents across Huntingdonshire recognise the hard work that Liberal Democrat District councillors and their supporters do, all year round, on behalf of the community. Liberal Democrats are THE effective opposition to the Conservatives in Huntingdonshire and, if we can increase the number of Liberal Democrat councilors they WILL make a really positive change to how Huntingdonshire is run.

Click HERE to see an overview of candidates by ward.

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