Your Liberal Democrat candidates for Huntingdon, Godmanchester and surrounding villages

Huntingdon and Godmanchester already have two very fine County Councillors and in this election we want to increase this number to three! Your current councillors, Mike Shellens and Graham Wilson work tirelessly on your behalf, spending lots of time listening to residents concerns and representing your interests. Together with Peter Downes our candidate for the Buckden and Brampton division (introduced in a previous post), they represent a formidable force for good on the County Council. 

For this election we have a new candidate in Huntingdon, Joe Jordan, who has recently moved into the area, has stood to be elected as a councillor previously too! We also have Mike Baker (also introduced in a previous post), who has extensive District Council experience.


We are really fortunate that we have so many quality candidates, so Vote Liberal Democrat and make a difference! 

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Liberal Democrats: working tirelessly for the people of St Neots and surrounding villages

Since the 2015 General Election we have seen a major resurgence in our party in St Neots. Over the last two years the number of people joining the party in St Neots has been significant, and this growth continues, just as it has nationally!

 With a solid base of active members in the town and surrounding villages we have been increasingly active over 2 years, fighting many campaigns on behalf of local residents, despite the fact that we have had no councillors in that time.

 Now we want to take the next step and represent the people as County and District Councillors. We have candidates standing in each of the seats and they have been getting positive feedback on the doorstep. Our party leader has even been here to help deliver our newletters! So now is the time to vote for a better future. Vote Liberal Democrat and make a difference! 


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Vote Peter Downes for Buckden & Brampton and Mike Baker for Alconbury and Kimbolton

We are very fortunate to have 2 outstanding candidates for the Buckden & Brampton and Alconbury & Kimbolton divisions in the County Council Elections on 4th May, 2017. Both Peter and Mike have lots of experience serving as councillors at County and District level and through their regular engagement with residents and their hard work in council have proven to be very effective servants for the community. Please support them with your vote

                         Alert_Peter_Downes.jpg                                  Alert_Miker_Baker.jpg

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Our Candidates for the Local Elections, 4th May, 2017

We are pleased to announce the candidates that have been selected to contest the Huntingdonshire seats in the Cambridgeshire County Council Elections and for a District Council Election, that will take place on 4th May, 2017.


Our team of candidates includes an outstanding mix of successful, very experienced, committed councillors and passionate, highly talented, new candidates, many of whom have previous councillor experience. All these people are dedicated to work on behalf of the community to deliver the services we all need, as cost effectively as possible.

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County Council Elections 2017 - Our Manifesto

The Liberal Democrat's manifesto for the Cambridgeshire Council Elections is now available!

Cambridgeshire County Council is facing serious financial challenges. Central government has been cutting financial support and capping council tax increases. At the same time we have a fast-growing population, more people living longer and needing more care, more children needing school places. We do not intend to make glib promises but these are some of our main priorities:-


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Tim Farron in St Neots, Rod Cantrill in Huntingdon

On 21st March, Tim Farron came to St Neots to show his support for our local team as we prepare for the County Council elections, and also to support Rod Cantrill, who is our candidate for Mayor of Peterborough and Cambridgeshire. Tim immediately got involved. He helped the team deliver Focus newsletters in Priory Park, talked to members about issues that are impacting the area, and gave a short "state of the nation" address to the team.


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Parking in Sapley, Huntingdon - WE WANT YOUR VIEWS!

The chicanes on Sapley Road have been the source of more complaints to your Lib Dem Focus Team than any other subject. It has been a puzzle to know what to do about them. Recently there has been progress on identifying possible ways forward. The Lamport Drive chicane, has been particularly problematic, with a number of collisions having occurred. After extensive discussions with residents, Engineers have agreed to install a more visible yellow sign, and we hope that this relatively cheap action will produce good results. 

The next challenge is the Desborough Road chicane, which is widely perceived to be dangerous by local drivers. We have thought of some things that we could try, and now we would like you to tell us your preferences. We have produced a paper with options (click HERE):-

You can go to and give us your views. If you prefer not to use your computer then please send your reply to Mike Shellens, 21 High St, Brampton PE28 4TG by 1 April.


Focus on The Hemingfords, Fenstanton, Hilton, Houghton and Wyton, Spring 2017


David Priestman's headline articles in the latest newletter include proposals to ease congestion during the three and a half years whilst the new A14 is being built, as well as the important news that the Wyton Airfield scheme has been postponed.

Information is also given on Cambridgeshire Constabulary’s e-mail messaging system, which can keep you up-to-date with local crime information and crime prevention advice.

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Focus on St Neots, March 2017

Our excellent team in St Neots continue to work very hard to represent the people of the town and surrounding area. In the latest newsletter, the headline article is the proposal to introduce a 20mph speed limit across all roads in St Neots. Whilst we agree that this should apply to all residential areas, the proposal also includes the town’s “Arterial Roads”.  We understand the desire to include these, but are urging a further traffic analysis be undertaken before the final decision is made. The newsletter includes news on our campaign to lower car parking charges at the railway station by £2 to bring this in line with charges at neighbouring stations! Other articles summarises the county council tax decision, and an introduction to Rod Cantrill, our candidate for Mayor of Peterborough and Cambridgeshire.

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Focus on Buckden, March 2017

Our latest newsletter gives a summary of how the recent budget was set in Cambridgeshire County Council. Despite the best efforts of Liberal Democrats to protect services, Conservatives, UKIP and Independents pushed through a 2% increase for Adult Social Care only. Sadly, this limited increase will cause real problems for some of the most vulnerable in our society.

The other key item in the newsletter is the feedback from the "Life in Buckden" survey. The overall impression is that Buckden is a good place to live, and medical facilities and education opportunities are appreciated, but there are concerns about traffic and mixed views on housing development in the area.

There is also an introduction to Rod Cantrill, the Lib Dem candidate for the Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, plus a reminder to all that Council and Mayoral elections are on 4th May. If you are likely to be away, you can apply for a postal vote, so don't forget.

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