FOCUS on Godmanchester - December, 2016

The latest newsletter addresses some near-term critical issues for Godmanchester. Developers are wanting to build 1000 more houses, the county and district council budgets are being cut, and the traffic chaos looks like it’s getting worse. Local news includes what we want to do about poor street lighting, concerns about the route of the road to Wyton, gritting and car parking charges. Click HERE to see the newsletter.

FOCUS on Brampton - December 2016

News on things that impact Brampton, including 56 New Homes for Brampton Park Golf Club, the Community-Led Plan, a warning about a recent, small spate of burglaries, plus what we have been working on in Brampton, Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire. Click HERE to see the December newsletter 

Tory cuts threaten road safety across the county (06/12/16)

The Conservative-led County Council has announced plans to stop gritting some key roads in icy conditions.


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New Devolution Deal (Peterborough and Cambridgeshire): An Update

A new devolution deal for a Combined Authority (Peterborough and Cambridgeshire with directly-elected Mayor) appears to offer more money and greater local decision-making. On closer examination, it is a poor deal, introducing a new tier of local government, reducing democratic oversight and providing very little new money after administrative costs are taken into account.
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Hunts LD Newsletter Dec., 2016

In the December newsletter, Sarah Conboy, our Chair, reflects on the many positive changes in 2016 with many new members and existing members wanting to get involved in local activities. An update is also included on the Devolution Deal (see below).  

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“I want my country back” says Lib Dem Baroness.

Speaking at Huntingdon Liberal Democrats’ Annual Dinner last Friday, Julie Smith (Baroness Smith of Newnham) told local party members that while respecting the result of the EU referendum in June Liberal Democrats would not stop fighting for the best possible deal for the UK. 

 “Part of the Leavers’ case for Brexit had been the desire to “take back our democracy”, which most obviously is the House of Commons, with democratically elected MPs representing everyone in the UK.  Many Leavers had argued for parliamentary sovereignty but some of them now apparently did not want our parliament to do the job that MPs were elected to do.  It would be wrong to re-run the referendum but there should be parliamentary engagement and people should be able to have a say on the final deal.  We are living in interesting times and we want some guarantees on what the government is looking for in the negotiations”, she said. 

 In answers to questions, Baroness Smith said that she was worried about the increasing divisions in society, the intolerance of some newspapers and the lack of respect for the British Constitution which had become apparent since the referendum.  “To coin a phrase, I want my country back”.


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Liberal Democrats Gaining Ground in Local Council By-Elections while Tories, Labour and UKIP lose out


Since May 6th., the Liberal Democrats have gained 18 local council seats across the country and have lost none.  Meanwhile, the Tories have had a net loss of 11 seats and Labour - despite being the "main party of opposition" have had a net loss of 3 seats.  UKIP's decline had continued, with a net loss of two seats.


EU Referendum Result Sends Shock Waves Across Country

Many Remain voters could scarcely believe their ears when they heard the news of the referendum result. Many told us they were "gutted" and "ashamed" of what it says about our country.  Others were "very anxious" about what lies ahead, including the threat to the unity of the UK

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Liberal Democrats Make Most Gains In Local Elections

Liberal Democrats gained 45 seats in the Council elections on May 5th.  For comparison, UKIP gained 31 and both the Conservative and Labour parties lost Councillors. 

Local Council Election Results



38 (-3)


58 (0)


4 (+1)




24 (+2)

















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Britain is Better in Europe



By voting to remain in the EU, Britain will remain a world leader and continue to be a beacon of hope, freedom and tolerance. This is the most important decision we will make. 

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