Our Campaign To Stop Gritting Cuts Succeeds

UPDATE (18th December, 2017). After sustained pressure from the Liberal Democrats, and your petition, the Conservative-led County Council has now backed down and reversed their previous decision to stop gritting on some key roads.

The Conservative-led County Council has announced plans to stop gritting some key roads in icy conditions. The Liberal Democrats Council Members warned that reducing gritting was a risky policy and would not have been necessary if the Conservatives and UKIP had agreed our proposal for the extra 2 per cent increase on council tax. 

Under the plans, a number of essential roads were to have been withdrawn from the gritting routes (shown in blue on the map), including main roads into villages and school routes


A key element of success in this campaign was the petition coordinated by South Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats CLICK HERE TO SIGN OUR PETITION: TO RESTORE GRITTING OF OUR SCHOOL ROUTES TO ENSURE OUR CHILDREN'S SAFETY IS NOT PUT AT RISK.